"New confidence/ expression of my gifts. . . ways clients can hear."

When I chose to work with Jeannie, I wanted to zero in on my unique gifts and best career direction for me at this time in my life. In my own business, I lacked clarity and direction.

Jeannie is an exceptional listener, very smart, and has a knack to draw out pertinent details and synthesize information. She is both intuitive and systematic in her approach, using her many resources and years of research. She creates visualizations and exercises that bring out my purpose, talents and interests. Little did I realize how growing my business is a quest in personal development as well. Jeannie gently and lovingly provides a container to do deep work. Truly, one of Jeannie’s gifts is her ability to be non-judgmental. I feel so safe to be me and grow from this place where I am now!

In working with Jeannie, I continue building confidence in my gifts,and expressing them in ways that can be heard by current and potential clients. Jeannie is queen of relational situations, and has taught me how to be more relational in interactions with customers. She has taught me how to speak to the client so they can hear, and has helped me break down old barriers preventing my success. Jeannie has taught me the precious value that when I shine and share my gifts, we all benefit!

Debra DeWeese
Virtual Recruiter and Business/Employee Advisor
Dedicated to Spiritually Conscious and Progressive Enterprises
[email protected] / www.linkedin.com/in/debradeweese

"Life-changing experience for me!"

This weekend I went to Jeannie's workshop, and it was a life-changing experience for me! I have been to a lot of training and seminars in my corporate career and currently in Real Estate, and this was one of the finest seminars I have ever been to. Jeannie teaches you how to harness the power of your imagination, and to use your other energy sources, to achieve your goals and dreams. If any of you have not yet worked with Jeannie, I encourage you to do it, so you won't miss a golden opportunity!

Bo McNair

"Price increase went well.  They just keep calling to schedule work!"

In short, my business has never been better! I believe January will be a record month for me! I am making twice as much as my income goal I set last July, and I have enough work to keep me busy for the foreseeable future. The price increase went over very well, as no one has even said a word about it. They just keep calling to schedule work!

I guess you could say that I have my confidence back that I can solve the difficult problems. As good as things are, I still want to continue our coaching sessions. Many thanks.

Mike Beebe
Computer Systems Professional

"Learned new, holistic approaches to bring my most wanted results into my life."

If you are considering a workshop by Jeannie Guillot of Your Dream Stream, you will be giving yourself an excellent gift by going for it NOW! I had felt for some years that it was enough to apply what I had previously learned, but Jeannie became my one exception to my “no more workshops” rule.

To my pleasant surprise, in her exciting sessions, I learned new ways of exploring what I wanted in my life. I also learned new, holistic, positive approaches, using all of my senses, for bringing my most wanted results into my life. In her desire to make a positive difference in lives, she has more than exceeded not only her goal, but surpassed my wildest expectations!

Lynne Tiemeier
Creative Jeweler and Artist
Lynne Tiemeier Studio

"I will use these powerful methods the rest of my life."

After extensive research, Jeanne skillfully presents her tools and techniques in an unusually fun and stimulating workshop. I will use the powerful methods she has given me the rest of my life.

Bill McKay
Retired Engineer

"Guided,  inspired me to set up my staging services as an income-generating branch of my Real Estate Business.

I was struggling with my life choices. I couldn’t say “No” to anyone who needed my help. I was overwhelmed and miserable. I was also on the edge of some important career choices that were going to have a profound impact on my future, and I wasn’t sure which way to go. From the beginning, Jeannie supported me in having deeper regard for myself, and to understand how my choices to “take care of everyone else” had been shaped early in life.

Jeannie helped me to get clearer about my Purpose, to use my favorite talent to help people create a beautifully designed, warm, family-friendly home space – which then fosters happy family life. My choices can now support my Unique Life Purpose and me. Jeannie also guided and inspired me to set up my design and staging services as an income-generating branch of my Real Estate business. I created a promotional brochure, and Jeannie helped me write text that highlighted client benefits so buyers could imagine their results. As I continue to progress in my personal and career life, I am a happier and more fulfilled person! Thank you, Jeannie!

Beckie Lobe
Keller Williams Legacy Partners
[email protected]


"Saw my artistic talent as Spirit-inspired part of my life mission."

I had fresh ideas and some prototypes for my own greeting card line – but I was stuck. I didn’t know how, and was afraid to move forward into the marketplace. First, Jeannie led me to see that my artistic talent and ideas (which I absolutely delighted in) were not something to be put aside or done randomly. Rather, they were Spirit-inspired primary gifts given to me, part of my life mission, and so she helped me create my Mission Statement, and to have the courage to bring my cards and their inspirational messages to the market of people who want and need them. She supported me in outlining the step-by-step actions I could begin taking to market my cards. We even generated a list of over 35 potential local shops to carry my cards. I am in my beginning stages of this new venture, but I have a new and Purposeful perspective, and am eager to move my artistic, inspirational cards into the online market as well.

Cheryl Moran
Cheryl’s Creations
[email protected]

"Created a new 3-5 year Strategic Plan, with Vision, Mission, Committee Plans, and S.M.A.R.T. Goals."

The Ladies of Charity of Kansas City were long overdue to create a new 3-5 year Strategic Plan, for our 600-member non-profit association. Our last strategic plan was 10 years old, and many of the strategies named were left unfulfilled, because it was not clear how to complete them. That’s when Jeannie Guillot came in to lead us in a new Strategic Plan. She guided us to assemble a dedicated Strategic Planning Committee, and then led our committee through all of the steps to complete our Vision, Mission, Strategic Plan, Support Strategies, and inspiring SMART Support goals that would help us progress through the years ahead. Although all of the committee members were long time Ladies of Charity, none of us knew the process for creating a Vision, Mission, Strategic Plan and Goals. So, Jeannie led us through mini-workshops to help us understand the processes, so we could do them easily. Jeannie “got inside the patterns and needs” of our association, and with those insights, now all of our leaders and committees are able to move forward with a new hope, a new Vision, a clear and newly inspired plan.

Ladies of Charity-Kansas City

"I  can be recognized well in the light I wish to be seen."

was getting ready to make a major transition in my career life, to more closely engage my talents and doing what I love. However, I was discouraged because the potential places of internship and new employment were failing to see the skills and talents I had that matched their jobs. First, Jeannie helped me clearly and succinctly identify my top Gifts and Abilities, the ones I loved the most and wanted to use. Then, we looked back through my work experience and found solid and terrific examples where I had demonstrated those abilities. It was like pulling away the curtain! I was using them all along! Then, Jeannie helped me recognize my top personal Strengths, the ones I loved and also needed for my future work – and we found plentiful examples of my use of those as well. With Jeannie’s insight, understanding and support, I have new confidence and new ways to present myself so that I can be recognized well in the light I wish to be seen.

Timothy Everles
Studio Art and Psychology
Timothy Everles Photography
[email protected]

"Making my dreams happen."

The workshop helped me get in touch with the different energy sources that drive the realization of my dream. It’s a joy to actually see situations and events synchronize and come together, making my dream happen.

Scott Smith
Physical Therapist