DSC_6997_3Discover Your Gifts and Purpose
Design Your Vision and Career
Deliver Your Services and Solutions

Delight in


You get your Dream Career
with Jeannie as your mentor and guide in
Private Sessions
Larger Seminars

Are YOU  “Breaking-Free in your Career?”

Are you …

  •  SPRINGING OUT of a limiting job (or almost)

 to FLOURISH more fully with your Talents and Purpose?

  •  UPLEVELING your career or solo business


  •  DEVOTING new time or life freedom to SERVE,

 to make a difference with your Talents and Purpose?


Do You Want to Break Free, 

Express your Life’s POWER PURPOSE

in Your Career and Business?




2. photo_11270_20100108“I want NEW ways to Use my Gifts, Love my work, Be Prosperous, Enjoy Life.”

“I treasure the idea of growing my Person-and-Spirit-friendly career or business.”

“I long to feel fulfilled, and to Make a Difference with my Life and PURPOSE.”

“I want a dynamic, compelling,  joyous career!”

“Leaders say ‘Live Your Purpose.’   HOW do I KNOW my Purpose!”

Get Started! Make it happen!
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Are you stuck, “cramped in your lamp,” saying . . .

“I’m not sure what my Best Talents and Purpose are.”
“The risk and fear holds me back.”
“Starting / Renewing my career takes too much time and $$.”
“Can you be ‘profitable’ and ‘Spirit-led’ at the same time?”
“What about the right credentials or training?”
“I just don’t know where to begin.”


LampOnlyYour Dream Jeannie has the lamp
and the map for your Power Purpose
and Career Success!


Jeannie Guides You with her Step-by-Step System So That:

Purpose and Talents get SO CLEAR, you grow your career on them.
You step out anew, Confident, with high Self-Worth, GIFTS powered up!
You know EXACTLY what you’ve got that the WORLD NEEDS.
You’ve got Highest SOURCE guidance, with Spirit-Core Connections.
Shackles of restricting thoughts fall off:  You “Take Hold of Bold!”®

And this,too…

You introduce your patently distinct VISION.  It attracts business/clients
You launch a Creatively Unique, Prospering Career
Your service answers Real World Needs, insuring business wants YOU!
Your Ideal Business Partners are identified, located, lined up
Your Solid Business and Marketing Plans steer you into success

LOOK! Jeannie’s System brings you even MORE!

Innovative, Deep Learning enables your High Performance
You teach clients with these learning techniques.  They want MORE!
Your business beams with your values
You bring a prospering difference to the world!

FINALLY,  you have

Get Started!  Make it Happen!
Get “Light Up Your Power Purpose”™

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