About Dream Jeannie

My Mission and Commitment to You

1. 69407-20130918I Quicken and Empower you,
in your spirit and heart-centered Career/Life aims,
so you engage in Prosperous Work you Love,
using your innate Talents
and Unique Life Purpose,
uplifting you and the world.

You delight in success, enjoying my step-by-step system, as you:

  • Discover, Believe in, and Express your talents and purpose.
  • Vision, Plan and Grow your make-a-difference solo or small business.
  • Get Clients from being a stand-out trainer, presenter, consultant.

My “Compelling Cause”®

2. photo_53329_20110809Imagine this day:  You awaken with zest and energy as you embark on another day where you express your most treasured inborn talents.  You feel the heart-swell of living your Purpose!  BOTH you and those you serve prosper and benefit! What a day!! What a life!!

Now imagine a whole world:  Nearly EVERYONE feels the same as you!  They’re ALL using their unique gifts and following their purpose.  They already feel blessed, joyful and prosperous, so they are not gouging for money and pushing for power.  The world is a more peaceful place!

Creating that world is what motivates me.  It is MY PURPOSE!

What I Know About YOU

3. 136492-20130918

  • You feel a big “tug” to express your best gifts more.
  • You’re afraid it won’t pay enough.
  • You fear, deep down, you don’t know your unique inborn gifts.
  • You hear a LOT about Purpose.
  • KNOWING your purpose is key.
  • GUESSING it is not what you want.
  • You long to live your Dream.
  • You fear your Dream might not be responsible, too woo woo.
  • You’re ready to live your dynamically successful career NOW!
  • You listen to your Spirit, yet suspect there’s no place in business for it.
  • You have smashing ideas to grow your solo/small business, yet fear it might just be pipe dreams.
  • You want to learn YOUR uniqueness, with help, at reasonable cost.
  • You’re in transition, stepping-up to more Purpose and Fulfillment!

What I Know About ME 

  • I created my solo coaching/training business in 1996, after 17 years as a Corporate Training Manager.
  • I “uncovered” my Gifts, Purpose and Dreams late, with not much help from my early life.
  • I created an innovative “system” so that YOU can discover Your Gifts, Live your Purpose and Dreams, have Career Success with ease.
  • Being a creative, supportive teacher is one of my primary gifts.
  • I KNOW and USE what helps YOU and others learn best!
  • My past teaching expertise includes:  Corporate Programs, Private Tutor/Mentor/Coach, Adult Workshops, Elementary and Montessori
  • I LOVE to learn, and I never stop learning!
  • I learned my own uniqueness, and business success the hard way.
  • I make it step-by-step easier, quicker, successful for YOU.
  • My life and work are Spirit-centered, the source of all my choices.
  • I have found ways to have Spirit-centered business success also.
  • YOU have my attention, care, and commitment to YOUR success!

My Winning Differences

4. 68904-20130918

  • My novel 3-Streams (You, Spirit, World) set an unshakable business foundation.
  • I have a sure-fire success “system,” not just “content” of one seminar after another.
  • I use a unique easy-check assessment. Others may go random order.
  • Most say, “Find and follow your Purpose,” yet don’t show you how.  I show you how!
  • We UP-LEVEL your Mind-set and Heart-set, predicting SUCCESS!

If your Mind-Set or Heart-Set are endangered, all “business methods” in the world will fail for you! (So we elevate Mind-Set and Heart-Set, all the while, as we are instilling best business practices.)

  • Clients tell me I help shift chaos into order, assuring progress.
  • My explain/demonstrate style makes business processes easy to do.
  • Skilled in methods to recognize, release, replace limiting patterns.
  • EACH service comes with rich, creative resources to assist you.
  • Inner Spirit guidance is usually a missing ingredient in other programs.
  • With me, you easily learn to use this guiding resource well.
  • One of my gifts is to inspire you, build strong worth, so you excel.
  • I follow-up to INSURE YOUR RESULTS.  In many other programs, when you’re gone, you’re forgotten.

Selected Achievements

  • Master’s Degree:   Management, Cum Laude
  • Master’s Degree:   Training & Human Development, Cum Laude
  • Graduate:    FastTrac Program:  Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • President:   ASTD 500-member Chapter (Amer. Soc. Training & Dev.)


• ASTD National Awards in all 6 possible categories (a “clean sweep”)    Achieved by only 3 of 150 international chapters that year

• ASTD Chapter Outstanding Volunteer of the Year

• ASTD Region Outstanding Volunteer of the Year (10 state region)

• BNI Notable Networker Award (multiple times)

• Appreciation Award, Coalition for Community Collaboration


  • Coach
  • MasterMind Group Facilitator
  • Training Designer/Facilitator
  • EFT Practitioner